I’m still alive (ish)!


Good evening… don’t think I have been absent from here due to no drama in my life! Jaysus I wish so.

I have been busy with my aupair’ departure, organizing interim childcare until aupair #2 arrival in Feb!

Talking about childcare… which parent never struggled with childcare arrangements?

When the kids were small we got away with an one stop shop crèche in Dublin where would care for the children from 7:30am until 7pm…. I know very sad… that’s part of the guilty process I mentioned before – Most of the time I manage to waive it off my mind.

Nowadays after many year wiping off savings and dealing with the rip off that is childcare I can now say I am on the cheapest (yet adventurous) childcare arrangement on earth – that is when you don’t have relatives around like myself!

I think if it was for us to start a family in the UK I would be either childless or with one child. Or in my wildest nightmare I would be a stay a home mother! I don’t think I am that kind of girl! Have you seen the childcare price here? You would not pay less than £1.3k a month for children until 4 years of age. To raise a child in London to adulthood (21 y/o) cost shy of £250k…I am on the running up to become a millionaire and didn’t know 🙂

Sorry readers, please excuse my brainless writing today. I probably dont make sense. This is the boring version of me! The reality is that I am exhausted this week with this UNEXPECTED interim childcare arrangement of dropping  off, pick up, homework with ,cook up marathon. It is really like if you are running a marathon for 12 hours then when you realise, it is already 9pm and your promise to hit the rack early is out the window!

I better dashbefore collapsing xx


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