Gotcha ya!

This post will be focused in one bloody word: A-C-N-E.

If you have been following me you know that I am your typical Latin person that can talk about anything with anyone including strangers. I have no fear neither am shy to speak about my own experiences if that will help, support or provide assurance to people. That includes my latest discovery. We are all human, prone to going through similar experiences so why such a taboo?

Straight to the point, if you follow me in this blog you probably are aware of my struggle with adult acne and the various techniques I have been trying to use to tackle it.

It seems that I have tried the world from conventional medicine (antibiotics), coil removal, reduction of dairy/gluten, various products, microdermabrasion, facials …. and the list goes on.

The bad news is that the nightmare is not over…but I have good news. I seemed to have cracked the code and found out what I have: Candidiasis.

I have been noticing a ‘crack’ on both sides of my mouth that comes and goes as it wishes. My GP tested me negative for micronutrients deficiency. So I bought a Candidiasis home test; I was positive. Went back to the GP to be diagnosed with Angular Cheilitis. when I asked her which protocol I should follow to get rid of it she replied “antibiotic”. I said to myself ‘no way, this GP can feck off, I ain’t gonna take more antibiotics to get constipated again, distress my gut system etc.

Never thought the outgrown of bad bacteria could cause such damage and distress in my skin but boy, this is horrible. It aches, itches, and looks terrible.

Was not until my research paid off…I have been living a 70% gluten and dairy free life (aiming to go 100% by mid 2016), taking Bio-Kult daily, 0% refine sugar and reduced tremendously my sweet fruits/vegetables and carbs intake, am using products with salicylic acid twice a day since end of December 2015… guess what? My skin is getting better!

I will post ‘after’ pics once it clears up a bit more. Meanwhile here is the evidence of my misery 😦

Bottom line: Don’t only trust your health advisor; learn to listen to your gut feeling. No one knows you better than your own self!





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