Updates and News

Hi all,

A lot of things going on at the moment…. we are moving house as per previously mentioned here.

Oh boy I underestimate the work it involves…. fricking tired now… I took this week off to have it all sorted out and packed…. we are off on summer holidays next Wednesday and return a day before the big move out day… I am so wrecked even to write this post, am sorry. But I feel I ought to clarify my disappearance from here…I still love blogging 🙂

The stay at home mothers out there I have a message to you… You have my full respect and sympathy…. I could never do this wonderful job of yours; am I less of a mother? The kids tires me more than any project or regulatory challenge!

Just an update of my acne, I have managed to keep it at bay by drinking vegetable juicing (increased vegetables with vitamin A, zinc and vitamin C), coconut oil, avoiding dairy and gluten, spoon of olive oil daily, controlling my emotions and gut. The antibiotic messed up my gut system which in result messed up my emotions as it make me angry with constipation, more acne and bloating. In another words; no need to cure the fricking system; I need to sort out the root cause….back to square zero, I binned the bloody antibiotic.

My skin is much clear and am feeling muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh better! I will post a pic soon 🙂

On thing I learned with this experience….do believe your 6th senses, your gut feeling…. NO ONE knows you better than YOURSELF! I always knew that medicines don’t do the trick but that stupid GP managed to persuade me out of misery…. hate her.

In another update and completely different subject; I intend to give a different face to this blog to help me in my advocacy to healthy living and hopefully with my new set up charity. I plan to publish books, create a healthy eating/living programme for children to be lectured across schools. All the profit will go towards the charity of which I am hoping to name after my young lovely whom died of leukaemia on 10th May 2015. I still need to get her mother’s approval. I am flying to Ireland on 25th September specifically to present her mother with the project and hopefully get her on-board. My lovely was only 24 years old… bless you Ingrid; you will always be in my heart; I love you a lot. She made me to promise to get her dream charity project going and I will. Until I get her mother’ approval I cannot submit the charity set up paperwork. As soon as I have more info I promise I will publish here.

Would you help me? I count on each of you….

I better start preparing the kids’ tea before they start saying how ‘starving’ they are…. Back to the place where I belong – the KITCHEN 🙂

Talk soon xx


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