Secondary school drama – SORTED!

doneHello to you all…

I have many updates….

Regarding the secondary school, I am learning each day that if you dont fight your corner, you can never definitely say you tried your hardest.

My daughter is still in the same school for Y8 until she gets a place in the outstanding school we are moving in near soon…. Yes we are moving house!!! The decision was to move out and move in near a great secondary school then commute the other kids to primary; daily.

Hopefully but this time next year she will be starting her new school together with her brother.

In addition to this massive news we decided to give them the most wanted pet….we are getting a puppy!!!!!!! They are delighted! I am not 😦 who is going to clean after this puppy, wake up in the morning to ‘release’ the poor thing etc?

Well, let me embrace the madness and get sucked in to the floating emotions….

My youngest was sick today (stomach bug) and I had to off work…. I felt awful. Not only for her being sick but for me not being able to work from home like I used to in the past. That itself brought back memories and some regrets.

My next posts will be on ‘update on my skin/acne’, ‘organic versus non-organic’ and my new tattoo …. I also have an almost finished research on autism.

I better get dinner ready before they all arrive…. Fui! 😉

Stay strong, healthy and…. breathing! xx


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