…and I redeemed to Tetralysal to treat my acne

FullSizeRender (1)I am all against antibiotics but this time it is so necessary…

I started having acne since taking contraceptive pills back in the day. There is time the acne gets worse and if I dont take antibiotics….boy, talk about fecking horrible pimples etc.

So Mirena needs to come out and Tetralysal 300 needs to be taken for minimum 3 months. I will post before and after pics when I see improvement 🙂

And the saga continues…. the breakouts are painful and ugly….I have to get this acne under control.

I am returning to the Nutritional Therapist in 2 weeks time to get my blood test results. If my thyroids are working as they should, the Mirena is to blame for the acne.

By the way talking about Nutritional Therapist, I would like to share the new research just released on ‘Gut Instinct’ whereby it has been shown that our gut is not only responsible for our immunity, but also out mental health, diseases prevention and longevity. It goes to affirm that 95% of serotonin, which is nicknames ‘the happy hormone’, is created in the gut. Researchers are now calling the gut the ‘second brain’…. very interesting….watch out this space 🙂

Keep breathing….life goes on xx


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