Modern Motherhood: The Truth About Being a Working Mom

imagesFinding balance in an unbalanced world can be tough. If you are like many young people you may find that you are performing a fine balancing act of juggling work, study, marriage, raising children, hobbies, and relationships all at the same time- and like any juggling act, it is easy to let one accidentally slip until the whole lot comes tumbling down!

I am super tired…feeling super exhausted… 😦 then to top it up my beautiful daughter called me ‘lazy’. Well, I guess I am trying to juggle it all but hey I am a human being and I do feel tired and sleepy every now and then.

To begin with I have vitamin D and iron deficiency…. lack of sun and animal protein… I am trying my best to eat some meat nowadays. By being deficient in both vitamins I am prone to lethargy, tiredness etc…. Hey, am a super woman, isn’t? So to fulfill my super woman duties I take a bunch of vitamin supplements in addition to eating a very plant base driven nutritional habit.

Super woman is dead and apparently …lazy today.

My daughter asked me to drive her to her Irish Dancing class…I was so tired I could not help but refuse….not today, I said. I have motives; I had a fecking bad day at work, a bad start of the day before leaving the house, I am on a diet that makes me sluggish… in addition this week has been all about solving issues (cleaner is rubbish, secondary school research, bill payments, payments, payments and more guess…. bill payments. It can all be draining.

Anyways….. Google came to my rescue…. how to better juggle professional and personal life’ commitments? Here it comes a list 🙂

1) Sort out your priorities

“Ask yourself: What are the balls that absolutely cannot be dropped?”

  • My response: House needs to be clean, children’ clothes looked after, sufficient food in the fridge, I need to keep my health and sanity.
  • My plan:
    • Hire two cleaners to share the housework across the week. One can back up the other in case of absence.
    •  Arrange children’s clothes and wardrobes to be organised. Half the task to children, the other half to cleaners.
    • Buy groceries once a month online and get the eldest to milk/veg and fruit shop on mondays. It is a good way of getting used to budget her spending.
    • My health is going bonkers. I am due to attend a functional nutritional therapist 25/06 and will try to meditate for 10mins before hit the rack every day.

2) Learn to delegate

  • My response: as above. However my plan is to oversee it to ensure plan is running smoothly 🙂

3) Set boundaries

“Setting boundaries both at home and in the office will help you remain present and focused on the task at hand, which is especially important during family time.”

  • My response: this is well looked after as I left my previous job also for this reason; working long hours. There isnt such a thing anymore in my life.However sometimes I set time for myself but see myself canceling it to make other happy.
  • My plan: I need to be born again to handle this better. Maybe in my next life?

4) Make time to take care of yourself

“If you don’t take care of yourself and your health, you won’t be able to care for your children or grow your business. Try to eat healthy meals, make time to exercise and don’t skimp on sleep. You’ll have to prioritize this over other things, but the benefits are all well worth it.”

  • My response: Lunch break gym attendance, conscious eating, shit sleep….oops I should sleep more.
  • My plan: Sleep more, get a massage once a week, work from home at least once a  meditation week.

In summary, I learnt that our physical health is a top priority, but our emotional health — feeling happy and fulfilled because we’re pursuing our passions — is another important factor in our overall life satisfaction.

Also it is good to reflect on where is the passion and purpose in our life?. These critical components can get completely lost in the mix that is the daily juggle. I invite you, myself included, to think about what we are really passionate about and where in our week we can include that. It could be work related, or it could be something [outside of work] that brings that special spark and element to our life.

Well, it is on my plan to sleep more so I better get 10mins guided mindfulness before sleeping.

I would love to know how you are get on applying the above measures…. let’s do it together?

Good dreams xx


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