Let me confide a secret to you…. secondary school dilemma!

DilemmaI have a dilemma… should I take my daughter out of her current school or not? When does social interactions, pupils’ behaviour outweigh school curriculum? Well, come with me in this minefield…

This is my first experience with secondary school…we always made an extra effort to live nearby an outstanding school. Perhaps that’s too much to live near outstanding primary and secondary schools… yes, welcome to my world of despair.

Hands up…. I have failed in my search and choice of a good (not outstanding!) school for my daughter. I thought the curriculum, teaching team, headteacher career’ achievements in previous years were the key criteria to look in a good secondary school. Unfortunately we don’t live nearby an outstanding state secondary school.

When I started to redeem to my disastrous poor judgment and bad decision I began to realise that the key criteria I had in mind were missing an important one: social background.

Before you come with few stones to throw at me let me get it straight…. I came from an unprivileged, single mother background…. my mother did the possible and impossible to raise me around people that had the a better prospectus in life than me. And guess what? I followed them. They inspired me to want better for me and my future family…. they inspired me to want more (in a health way without losing out on my core beliefs and values learned from my caring mother) and to be where I am. None in my family, but my parents, attended university or achieved a ‘peaceful’ financial life. I do believe that be around them made me who I am today. I learnt to be humble, patient (I was bullied a lot as my mother could not keep up financially with all the stuff I wanted to do and attend i.e holiday in Disney, chauffeur, afterschool activities etc but I knew one day I could have what I wanted I just needed to wait for my time to come). You got the picture 🙂

My daughter is currently attending a school that has the majority of its pupils smoking, taking drugs, drinking before or afterchool near the school’ gate, poor attendance, poor behaviour in class. The majority of them are from underprivileged areas, originated from dysfunctional families, high level of pupils taking ‘free lunch meals’ which gets one to assume that the majority of the pupil’s families are on an annual gross income of no more than £16,190. How on earth can you raise a child in this are with the highest council tax in London earning £16,190? Likely that parents will fight a lot, drink etc as consequence to ‘swim’ through life….

All the above leads to numerous disruption throughout different classes to say the least. How am I expect to let my daughter hang out with the peers that drink, smoke, have sex etc at age of 12y/o?

I hope this post assists other parent’s journey…. that it provides other parents with substantial and justifiable rationale for making responsible and sustainable decisions to their children.

I failed but we all live and learn with our mistakes, isn’t?  Now is time to run after the loss and get it fixed before it is too late!

Motherhood – the joys!

Life, bring on the challenges…

Good luck in your choices xx


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