How to lose a stone in a week – please call me a loser!

imagesOk guys I admit…. my skin is fucked, I have not been having 8 to 10 hours sleep and I have not been exercising a much as I would like to or should and guess what…I do not feel ‘slim’ (my own standards here!) let alone fit….fit is another story altogether however I thought I have a plan to tackle this shit (ooops I mean, this mess).

  1. I am going to lose a stone through a crap diet. No I dont believe in diet I believe in lifestyle but hey I will follow this diet now to shed to 60kg so that I can focus in getting fit. Fecking strategy for everything in life; arghhhhhh…sorry bad day today guys!
  2. Once I am at 60kg I will increase exercise and pursue fitness (whatever the feck it means ha ha!)
  3. Meanwhile I awaiting on my nutritional therapist appointment on 25th June
  4. I will continue with the Brazilian facials (oh boy they are painful!) every week

Disclaimer: Please note people’ metabolisms are different…also am not a doctor, nutritionist or nurse… if the diet doesnt suit you or if you wanna blame someone please refer to James lol

How to lose a stone in a week

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 1 slice dry toastwith 1 gilled tomato OR tinned tomatoes Fresh fruit – any amount 2 hard boiled eggsSalad & grapefruit
2 Grapefruit1 boiled egg Grilled chicken with tomatoesToast Grilled steakSalad
3 Grapefruit1 boiled egg Fresh fruit – any amount 2 grilled lamb chopsSalad & grapefruit
4 1 slice dry toast Fresh fruit – any amount 2 hard boiled eggsSalad & grapefruit
5 1 slice dry toast Fresh fruit – any amount Fresh fishSalad
6 1 glass grapefruit juice Fresh fruit – any amount Grilled chickenCarrots & grapefruit
7 Scrambled eggsGrilled or tinned tomatoes 2 poached eggsSpinach Grilled steakSalad

The Rules

  1. No alcoholic drinks.
  2. Permitted drinks: Black coffee, tea, lemon/grapefruit juice without sugar.
  3. No milk, butter or fats.
  5. Abstain from all not included in diet. Eat what is shown or go without.
  7. No substitutes allowed. The basis of the diet is chemical, not the quantities.
  8. Lunch and dinner may be swapped but only on the same day.

Jame’s Tips

  1. The grapefruit sourness is a lot more bearable with pink grapefruit. Also, if you have a sweet tooth normally, bear in mind that grapefruit sweetens a lot in the last stages of ripening.
  2. I am used to eating like a pig, and thus had a lot of “empty stomach – must fill” type feelings. Drinking lots of water filled me up temporarily.
  3. If you are desperate for flavour on some of the blander dishes, add a little lemon juice. On the list of allowed drinks and can pep up things nicely.
  4. If you try the diet and it works for you, leave me a comment. I’m curious to see if it works for other people.

So I am stating tomorrow 13th June; I will try to reconvene here daily….if I am not dead 🙂

Ashamed me xx


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