The raw truth about eating chips…

60d2617168Chips, crisps, fried…. One of everyone’s favorite fast food around the world and guess what? It is not the healthiest options to eat. Of course it has led to imagine that something fried with a considerable amount of oil would not be good for the body. No surprise here right? But frying is only the beginning of history.

One of the main enemies of potato chips is acrylamide, a substance formed when it is placed at high temperatures. It is carcinogenic, according to the Food Standard Agency.

According to the body, rats developed cancer after acrylamide administered in their body. In humans nothing has been proven, however, is the rule that substances that cause cancer in animals are potentially dangerous to humans. Thus, the first alert is already on.

How is acrylamide formed?

The substance was observed in starchy foods, such as potatoes. When it comes into contact with the hot oil, with temperature above 120 degrees, there is a significant increase in amount. However, at 100 degrees, the formation of acrylamide is much less.

Believe me, very low temperatures do not help at all. According with the Food Standard Agency, below 10 degrees there is a greater formation of reducing sugars in the potato. And this substance when hot, associated with asparagine produces acrylamid. Conclusion: do not store potatoes in the refrigerator.

What to do to eat a safer potato?

It should not be baked or fried too long and should also not be dark.

Another measure is to dip the potatoes in vinegar for a while to reduce acrylamide in food. Use olive oil here is also not recommended.

According to studies, acrylamide was observed in the greatest amount when the potato was fried in this oil. In this situation, corn oil is safer.

And that potato of my favorite restaurant?

The news is not good. If the potato made ​​at home already have all this trouble, think of the fast-food? In all the acrylamide has other food preservatives that leave even richer in bad substances to the body.

Let this be a warning to the chips of fast- food chains and also for those ready and frozen potatoes we buy, or we bought in the market. Very practical, but unhealthy.

Saturated fats, trans fats and excess sodium

All this also has the pre-ready chips. Too much saturated fat fattening and can cause problems in the heart, the arteries and increase bad cholesterol. It raises blood pressure and is very good also to cause diabetes. Trans fat is in many industrial products and is also present in our daily potato. It is the health villain, as it increases the bad cholesterol and lowers good cholesterol, and can cause cancer and cardiovascular problems. Salt is another evil of frozen fries. He is one of preservatives and of course is present in large quantities. The excess of it can cause aneurysm, heart and kidney failure, increased blood pressure, water retention, increases the risk of heart attack, stroke (stroke), neurological diseases and respiratory problems.

Now the choice is yours; continue or not eating the delicious and crispy potato chips….


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