Spring cleaning…


Well, where to start? When I talk about spring cleaning I am on about tidying up, organisation, cleanness and of course waste of time in my previous weekend L

Researching on the subject I found a great checklist in Martha Stewart’ website. Is she for real??? Can we not outsource it? Oh no, we can’t because we can’t afford the cost it would incur. I really need to do a post on private cleaners cost and services in London…

Back to this post – among other duties, my main ones are to be a mother, spouse, banker, friend, student and when possible; myself. So as you can imagine we have to make the most of our weekends in our household…

I am not sure how I will fit in a children’s wardrobe spring cleaning, let alone an entire house spring cleaning. Do people do this at all? How do parents cope with outgrowing clothes, shoes and toys? Do they sort them out periodically? I should know this by now…. Taking in consideration I have a 12y/o girl, 10y/o boy, 6y/o boy and 4y/o girl …but guess what? I am not that organised and diligent!

The way I am planning to tackle it is by:

Sorting out the clothes, toys and shoes that don’t fit them anymore

  • Separating the clothes and toys that can be passed on to the sibling …i.e. 12y/o girl clothes to my 4y/o girl (hoping that the 4y/o will have the same taste for fashion ha ha)
  • Sorting out the ones that can be passed on to friends and charity
  • Making a list of the stuff that they need replacement – that means a trip to Primark may be required which means more time spent on doing things I don’t like L
  • Setting up (and diarise) the next ‘spring cleaning’

Is it only me or parents also diarise and spreadsheet almost everything in order to keep on top of the gazillion of tasks in their ‘to do’ list? Oh dear…the joys!

Happy cleaning ….yaks!

T x


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